SSAK - Steganography Swiss Army Knife
SSAK is a Front End Graphical User Interface for many different Steganography programs including stegdetect, stegbreak, jphs, steghide, openstego, f5, outguess, metadataextractor for metadata, strings for detecting hidden ascii text and foremost/scalpel for data carving.
The GUI is Linux only, although it should run under BSD with Linux execution emulation and other unix variants if the underlying executables are compiled under those platforms.
In order to run the Windows executables (jphs for Windows, StegSpy, BMP Packer) the system must have WINE installed.
StegSpy also requires vbrun6 which can be installed with WineTricks.
Many of these programs are old and required special changes to the source code or special compile flags to execute correctly.
Stegbreak segfaults if a special compile flag isn't used, which happens with the version included in most distribution repositories.
JPHS requires a version of jpeg library that conflicts with what is used in most distributions.
To avoid these issues and enable the programs to run on almost all distributions the programs were all compiled statically in both 32 and 64 bit formats.
It is written in PYGTK and requires pexpect for jphs and python-vte for built in python terminal.
The project is on GitHub: SSAK

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